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The Empiricist is a magazine about science, technology, being human, and reason. There is a focus on the role of science and technology in society, understanding the human species in the context of the biological and physical environment, and looking at the role of technology as a human trait.

Right now my goal is fairly modest: publish a steady stream of short articles, linking to news, opinion or analysis and offering my own take on things or simply presenting some ideas I’ve been thinking about. I guess the bottom line is, either I’ll attract an audience or not. I’m not going to go out of my way to try to generate traffic, since I actually don’t care enough. If people find this site and enjoy it, great.But if not, it can remain a private project and still an outlet where I can publish stuff I’m interested in.

Anyway, welcome and I hope you’ll stick around.

You can contact me, the editor, by emailing david “at”

Oh and by all means, pick up a copy of my book at Amazon.

DF Dufty

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  1. Rob Stuebing / Dec 21 2014 2:06 am

    I do my best to be an empirical conservationist, in a field rife with emotion, bad science and prejudice. Must admit I’ve not yet become successful…

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